Chalk House Updates: Kitchen Remodel

We did it! As I write those three words, I am able to take a {really big} deep breath because WE DID IT and we did it in 8 days. I can honestly say that when we first started this project and we were only hours into it, I started to ask myself "why did we start this right now?!" It made me tired just thinking about everything we wanted to do to create a kitchen that was refreshing, bright, and chic yet classic.

Our Remodel List:
- Empty and Clean Cabinets
- Prime and Paint Cabinets
- Add New Hardware to Cabinets
- Paint Walls
- Remove Laminate Countertops and Backsplash
- Remove Stainless Steel Sink
- Install Marble Countertops
- Install Cast Iron Sink
- Install Subway Tile Backsplash  
- Remove Black Appliances
- Install White Appliances
To see the pictures that we used for inspiration {read more here} come to life in our home has been really exciting for us. Now that we are finished, I am ready to celebrate and pop a bottle of bubbly!  Who wants to join me!?
Saying Goodbye to the Brown...
The before {top} and progress {bottom} pictures make me realize that my handyman husband is a rockstar! Without him, I would still be covered in paint and sawdust while trying to watch YouTube videos on kitchen renovations in hopes that the step-by-step tutorials would magically create a dream-worthy space.

I hope this remodel will provide you with inspiration for whatever project has been on your mind for the past few weeks {or months}. I promise you that every second of the construction zone and chaos will be worth it!
 Kitchen Sources:
- Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
- Wall Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Eider White
- Cabinet Hardware: Sterling Nickel Knobs and Center Cup Cabinet Pulls
- Countertops: Bianco Carrara Hexagon Marble Tile
- Backsplash: White Subway Tile
- Sink: Kohler White Cast Iron Sink
- Appliances: GE Artistry Series