Summer Bucket List

After a long and very cold winter in NC, I was counting the days until my skin would be sun kissed and the weekends would consist of lots of outdoor activities, pool dates and afternoons on the boat. Summer is here and quickly flying by, how is it already the end of June?! We have been busy over the past few months but I can't wait to scratch more activities off of our Summer Bucket List.

ONE: Spa Day at The Umstead Hotel & Spa
TWO: Weekend Getaway to The Greenbrier Resort
THREE: Attend the Food Truck Rodeo in downtown Raleigh 
Complete: Read more about it here.
FOUR: Enjoy cocktail hour on our deck more often than last summer
FIVE: Visit the Summer Farmer's Market in downtown Apex
SIX: Spend the afternoon fishing with TC
SEVEN: Plant a garden & enjoy fresh vegetables all summer
EIGHT: Attend a few outdoor summer concerts
NINE: Spend the evening shagging to our wedding band, Band of Oz, at a local venue
TEN: Go on a picnic in the park with TC and the pups
ELEVEN: Soak up the sun by spending the afternoons on Lake Jordan
Complete: Our lake adventures will continue but we kicked off Memorial Day on Lake Jordan. 
TWELVE: Celebrate our 1 year anniversary on September 20th!!
How are we already celebrating our 1 year Anniversary?! 
THIRTEEN: Enjoy cookouts with our friends & family
FOURTEEN: Go on a road trip {or a day trip} with TC
FIFTEEN: Find a few good books to enjoy while sitting by the pool
SIXTEEN: Visit 2-3 local breweries in the area 
SEVENTEEN: Train for the Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 
Oh, hey Danielle! I can't wait to cross the finish line with you.
EIGHTEEN: Visit Washington, DC for a weekend
NINETEEN: Host a 4th of July party, read more about my plans for our celebration here.

What do you have on your Summer Bucket List? I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying some fun in the sun! 


  1. We used to live near the Aviator but I was never a fan bc I tend to only like Mic Ulta and anything else tastes gross to me. Also we want to go to the Food Truck Rodeo as well- I think the next one is August 9th. We will def be there!

    1. I am excited to try a few of the local breweries! I hope you have lots of fun at the Food Truck Rodeo next weekend, there are so many great trucks to choose from that it is hard to make a decision! Xo, Stephanie

  2. These all sound so perfect! More cocktail hours is a big one here too. I hope you enjoy hosting this weekend!

    1. This list makes me realize why I enjoy the summer months so much! We have definitely enjoyed our cocktail hours on the porch, it's hard to beat! Xo, Stephanie

  3. Spas and breweries! My kind of list! But, um, is there another definition of "shagging" that I'm not aware of?

    1. You can't beat that combination, I can't wait to check both of these off the list soon! Your question made me smile, it is an eight step dance that is primarily done to beach music! Xo, Stephanie

  4. We have a few of the same things on our lists ;) Mojitos on the patio of our favorite restaurant downtown is my favorite thing to do!

    1. Summer Bucket Lists are definitely my favorite and one of the main reasons is outdoor dining and happy hour on the patio! Xo, Stephanie

  5. So fun!
    ONE: Did I hear correctly that Umstead Spa is no longer accepting reservations unless you're a guest of the hotel? They apparently then release remaining availability on Fridays to the general public. Say it isn't so!
    SEVEN: Send me some tomatoes and zucchini, okay? Get a spiralizer & make Zoodles!
    TWELVE: That can't be true! Time flies when you're having fun, but seriously.... sloooow down, time!
    FIFTEEN: I recommend Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin. It's about my neighbors and is crazy (in a good, beach-read kind of way!). If you wait until after this weekend, I'll send you my copy!
    EIGHTEEN: I'm so glad WT and I were a part of this one! Let's do it again soon.
    Love you so much, little one! xoxo Gigi

    1. You are the best! Now hurry back to NC so we can check a few more items off the list together.
      ONE: Thankfully, they have only limited appointments beginning Friday at noon through Sunday at noon to hotel guests only. They release all appointments to the general public at 10:00am on Thursdays so local guests can enjoy any remaining services. :)
      SEVEN: If only I could ship you a box full of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. We have so much that we can't eat it fast enough!
      TWELVE: I know, I still can't believe it! I feel like we were just celebrating our engagement!
      FIFTEEN: Please send it to me, you know I love a good NYC-based novel!
      EIGHTEEN: I can't wait for many more double date trips in the future, it was a blast!
      Xo, Stephanie

  6. This is such a great list!! I am dying to visit the Greenbriar so I'll be living vicariously through you! Happy summer! :)

    1. Hope you're having a wonderful summer! The Greenbrier was incredible and made for the most relaxing weekend! I'm sharing a few snaps today from our weekend there! Xo, Stephanie

  7. Oh my goodness I love this list and might steal a few ideas!

    1. Please do! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Xo, Stephanie


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