Weekend Highlights + Gift Guide: For Him

Thanksgiving 2015 was a huge success and has me still smiling my way through a cold, dreary Monday! We spent the past 5 days enjoying our loved ones, cooking family recipes, creating new traditions, and making memories that we will cherish forever. We've enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving at our home the past 2 years but this one was one for the books. Preparing Thanksgiving for 27 people was a bit different than the 9 people that we hosted last year but everything came together seamlessly and we were enjoying all our favorite dishes by 1:30pm.
We braved the crowds on Friday and the ladies spent the morning shopping and enjoying brunch at one of my favorite spots in Cameron Village, Tupelo Honey Cafe, while the guys broke out their sticks and headed to the golf course. I found great deals on a few items at the local boutiques in the area but I am excited to finish most of my Christmas shopping today with the Cyber Monday sales. What sales do you have your eye on?

Saturday was spent tailgating at Carter Finley Stadium for the last time in 2015, I can't believe football season is already coming to an end. Does anyone else feel the same way?! This particular game is always one of my favorite match-ups each season, NC State Wolfpack versus UNC Tarheels.
The intensity of the game is driven by the universities' similar size, the short distance between the 2 universities {25 miles} and we are both part of the infamous Tobacco Road Rivalry which includes NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke. It doesn't help that I graduated from NC State and my sister graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill so the family rivalry is just as big in our eyes as the actual rivalry!
Speaking of tailgates, I have rounded up a few of my favorite gifts for the men that enjoy hosting a fun yet well-prepared tailgate like my husband.
1. I have recently stumbled upon a few subscription boxes for men while Christmas shopping this year and I am obsessed! Mantry's Tailgate Tour box is one of my favorites.

2. No tailgate is complete without entertainment. Being able to watch all the other games before cheering on your hometown team is the perfect excuse to order DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

3. Finding a cooler that can fit everything you need for a tailgate party was impossible to find until we purchased our first Yeti Tundra Cooler. An added bonus, you won't ever have to worry about your ice melting during a hot, summer day.

4. Olly Oxen Belts are the best way to dress up {or down} your tailgate attire. I was an Olly Oxen Representative during their first few years, it was a pleasure to work for Charlotte and her two brothers. They are the sweetest family!

5. To add to the entertainment, the UE Megaboom Speaker would be all you need to play your favorite tailgate playlist.

I'll leave you with a final laugh about the Thanksgiving holiday with this hard to beat Mashup by The Holderness Family. I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving!


  1. 27 people?! Wow, color me impressed! And I am just fascinated by these early Thanksgiving meals. I always grew up with it being at the standard dinner time, so we don't eat til 5pm or so!

  2. What a crew! How fun! I am giving several Yeti tumblers this year!

  3. So glad you had such a fun Thanksgiving...I am totally impressed that you managed to host 27 people, wow!!!

  4. What a great holiday weekend!! 27 people that you hosted - wow girl - Martha Stewart status lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Holy cow!! Good for you for hosting 27 people at your house!! You're a rock star!! Sounds like the football game was a lot of fun too!

  6. I can't believe you hosted that many people, that's amazing! And we definitely have a Yeti and outdoor speakers on our wish list this year!

  7. 27 people?!? You guys are rockstars!! So much fun and so glad it all went well! Love your round up for guy gifts, too - they're always the hardest to buy for!

  8. Love all the tailgating photos! I miss college football so much - it's been years since we've been back for a game!


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