Living Room Inspiration

As I sit here with my Cup of Joe on a rainy, cold day trying to wrap up everything at work before the Holidays...I can't help but get excited for one of the many projects that we will be tackling in the start of the new year!

After our wedding in September (details to come soon, I promise!), Thomas and I were able to call a very special place, Home. Our Home was built by Thomas' family many generations ago and over the years a variety of family members have lived here. When we moved in, you could tell that it needed a little TLC - the walls needed a fresh coat of paint, a few appliances would have to be updated, a little landscaping around the house would be in order, and some rooms would get a complete makeover.

In just four months, many items have already been crossed off our list thanks to my handy-man Husband and Mother-In-Law. But one of the projects that I can't wait to begin will be updating our Living Room. I want this room to be warm and welcoming with a light, soothing feel.

My inspiration in a few pictures (you can follow me on Pinterest)

Amanda Carol Interiors
The Enchanted Home
Home Bunch

Stay tuned as we begin our 2015 Home Updates & Renovations!

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