Motivation Monday: Discover

Time is flying and I wish it would slow down for a split second. How is it already February?! 

I have made a promise to myself to aim to Explore, Dream and Discover in 2015. Explore the world. Dream Big {you can read more here}. Continue to Discover the passion that guides my soul. 

Today's Motivation Monday is focused on the power of positive thinking. I strive to always have a positive attitude because I truly believe it is a contagious behavior. I will continue to discover my passions and in doing so, I want to remember that "in discovering your passion and choosing to go for it, it is important to disregard the negative voices from your own head that tell you that it is too risky to change direction or to try something new. The mind will always try to convince you to play safe. Your spirit will always strive for freedom and expansion." 

Oh, I almost forgot...I have recently ordered this book and can't wait to begin reading it!

Happy Monday, I hope you have a wonderful week! :)


  1. An incredible reminder... I think I'm going to rder that book, too! Thanks for the rec, Sis!

    1. I am excited to start reading it! Can't wait to squeeze you in 3 days. Xo, Steph


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